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KJG provides Foundational, Primary, middle and Secondary Stages of Education under the Tamil Nadu state syllabus. It is not only focusing on academics & sports but ensures wellness & health is a priority.

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We Are The Best Learning Academy

Excellent Academic

The demonstrated ability to perform, achieve and excel in scholastic activities.

Spiritual Growth

The process of inner awakening, rising of the consciousness beyond the ordinary and everyday existence.

Leader Of Character

High on integrity, responsibility, compassion and forgiveness.

Vibrant & Skillfull

Identifying and bringing up the students in their skilful area with full of energy & life.

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Kinder Garten

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30 seats
Class VI

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30 seats
Class IX

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30 seats

Message from the Top Management

The Principal’s Message
“The world exists for the education of each man” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
When we talk of curriculum, we mean it planning involving the implementation of different types of instructional strategies. The web of a curriculum is unique. We advocate activity-based learning thus blending cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the process.
Children are valued for their skills and the atmosphere in the school ensures their holistic development. Our children initiate projects, enjoy their skills, relish their accomplishments and look for harder, more exciting challenges to overcome. 
Promoting a positive school learning environment is our goal and we work on that by a process of continuous improvement of teaching and learning. We promise an academic environment that is conducive to learning and achievement, for all our students.
Correspondent’s Message
Being one of the oldest schools in the Nilgiris district, the school mostly caters to the underprivileged and backward community learners within the locality helping them improve their knowledge, skills and standard of living. 
The school plays a vital role in uplifting the local community (students, families, teachers and other stakeholders) through providing consciously designed learning experiences with the objectives of achieving social aim at large.
The school and the teachers had been awarded the best school and the best teacher many times by the Government of Tamil Nadu recognising its service and quality education rendered to students from more than 24 rural villages, thus being considered a boon to all the villagers.
I owe all the credits of achievements to the teachers and students. I am honestly inspired by the possibilities that lay before our school this year and the years to come. I extend you a warm invitation to join us as we groom our students for the future.

Why Choose Us

Established in 1985

The school has a reputation for being built 3 decades ago, given and giving education to millions of students.

Tailored Learning

Students get the individual attention that they need to ensure that they completely understand each concept.

Qualified Teachers

New and unique ways to speak, relevant and artistic opportunities to become more deeply engaged.

Transportation Access

The parents can stay relaxed without fear about the safety of their children.