Foundational Stages: Lower Pre KG/LKG/UKG

The aim of education is to bring desirable changes in the behaviours of the learner. It helps in the all-round development of a child’s personality and inclusion of healthy attitudes and good values. At the Pre-Primary Education level, it is required that the need of social contact with peers, child to explore and learn through play and to develop child’s personality in the psychomotor, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral spheres is met. KJG has partnered with Siragukal Supporting System to motivate toddlers to learn through experience. As part of lower school, KJG covers nursery, LKG and UKG. Each class has a supporting staff (Aayamma) to the class teacher to handle silly, small, and big needs of small kids.


Age group of lower Foundational stage is 4-7years. For toddlers between 4-5 years, Dedicated Nap time will be provided. To enhance their creativity and curiosity various classrooms to learn environmental studies, pre mathematical concepts are discussed in the native language along with English. Apart from being able to, see, read and express at the early stages our program is designed to empower the children with listening skills & self-help.

Primary Education

The objectives of primary education are Literacy, Numeracy and Sci-tech. The child should learn the second language apart from mother-tongue to a level where he/she can communicate ideas easily. The child should develop ability in four fundamental numerical operations and to
be able to apply these to solve problems in daily life. The child should learn the method of inquiry in science and should begin to relate to science & technology.

KJG partnered with Rareminds offers the hybrid model of continuous learning. It is imperative that any topic is explained to engage students and they can explore, followed by elaboration with real life examples for better learning. The learning stages are best achieved using videos, experiments & activities, worksheets to apply the learnings. Based on the intended learning outcomes the micro curricular activities are designed and assessment methods are constructively aligned.

KJG pedagogies in teaching believes in Experiential & Experimental learning that comprises of learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom that are designed to actively engage students to learn by doing, and then reflecting on the process and experience and actively creating their own understanding.

To join KJG students can come to this class either after getting promoted from UKG or get direct admission to this class. For getting direct admission to the 1st standard, kids must undergo a test followed by an interview and their respective parents an interview. Starting from 1st standard kids will be taught the need of being good at academics in an extremely healthy learning environment.

Middle School

Middle School is the stage of transition for young adults, where in there is a need to instill routine and include changes or surprises. The Teachers move from the dictator role to building relationships with the student. The Teacher looks for gifts in each student to amplify their recognition and development of that gift.


Whilst the fundamentals were instilled in the primary, our teachers are geared to bring relativity & interdisciplinary learning. Concepts are elevated to help understand applications to real life. Definitions and formulae are broadened to go beyond just memorizing them. Principles of mathematics, understanding patterns, exploring relationships are triggered. Teachers help students step out of the comfort zone and reach a stage to understand the democratic values of the country.

As per the New Education Policy Various subjects will be introduced, vocational courses provided, and learnings will be the experiential way. A subject on coding will also be introduced and importance be given to co-curricular will be in par with all subjects.


To make good progress academically, a fit mind and body both are of prime importance. Hence the school provides a good foundation for the same by providing yoga and sports classes every week. For more details refer to the sports and art section.

Since the last decades, India is able to produce Olympians and world-famous sports stars, in many numbers. With the hopes of adding few more numbers to the same, KJG also provides the needed foundation from 1st standard with the specific class for sports and athletes too. For more details Refer to Athletics (Field & Track) and Games (Football, TT, etc.,)

Secondary Learning

KJG provides Upper school or high school education covering 8th -10th standard. It will prepare the young adults for the competitive world from 8th standard itself by giving them needed education, competitive challenges, and counselling as well.

Kids come to 8th standard with a strong foundation of education from middle school. From 8th standard, there will extra focus on academics considering the stepping stone or 10th board exam. Extra care will be given to the promising kids to bag needed ranks to school. Students in the 10th Grade will learn the traditional subjects, also choose unique STEM subjects, such as Aviation, Industrial Design, Extraordinary Learning, Geology, Health Science or Human Performance. This aids them to support their university learning. At the macro level the intended learning outcomes are made clear to the learners. Not all learners learn the same thing, the same way, and at the same time. Performance of students based on their qualities, skills and knowledge as their outcomes.
The experimental and experiential learning environment created by the KJG teachers ensures learning activities relevant to the student and absence of excessive judgement to allow the bringing of theory to life.

The Competitive Edge is all around us. Its yet far from change though the upcoming generations look at their priorities differently. Learning is not a competition, but continual experiences retained and recalled. Whilst the scoring has been modified for primary and middle schools, students at the secondary and above feel the stress to succeed competitions.

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KJG provides Foundational, Primary, middle and Secondary Stages of Education under the Tamil Nadu state syllabus.


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KJG provides Foundational, Primary, middle and Secondary Stages of Education under the Tamil Nadu state syllabus.